Saint Petersburg State University

Department of Jewish Culture




The Jewish Speech

No 2

P. Skorodumova. Analitic Markers in Hebrew

Q. Dubnov. Towards a History of Unmarked Feminine Gender in Hebrew

I. Uchitel. Borrowed Lexeme "abi" in Yiddish

Y. Budman. The Hebrew Lexicon of Golly: From the Biblical Period to the Present Day

Y. Kornienko. What Do the Changes in Modern Hebrew Lexicography Mean?

E. Borisevich. The Issue of Word Definitions and Their Use For Training Communicative Skills

V. Yishai. Drama as a Means of Understanding Language and Culture

S. Israeli. How to Teach Unadapted Texts for the Beginning Learners of Modern Hebrew

I. Barkusskaya. Audio and Video at Hebrew Lessons: from the Theory to the Practice

E. Maryanchik. Computerization of Different Kinds of Hebrew Language Tests

N. Bakulina. Indicative Requirements for Educational Achievements of Younger Pupils in the Hebrew Language (I-IV Form)

N. Yakusheva. Hebrew Teaching in the North Caucasus